As well as the friendly help 而且 advice you will receive from the 住宿 Team, you will also be supported by our 学生支持和福利小组, 无论你选择住在哪里.

的 学生支持和福利 team are here to support students living on 而且 off campus to help them to integrate into university life 而且 encourage a positive experience whilst at university. 的 team can help with various issues associated with communal living, 适应一个新环境, 的关系, conflicts 而且 periods of unhappiness or difficulties. 


的 University has a team of 安全 Officers on site 24 hours a day, 一周7天, 一年365天. 的ir principle role is to provide you with a safe 而且 secure environment in which to live 而且 study.

的 安全 office is also based in the heart of our St John's Student Village, 与圣约翰校区的洗衣房相邻. 的 office is normally staffed from around midday through to 6.每周7天,早上10点. 的 team can deal with any emergency or pastoral issue or just provide a place to go for a chat 而且 a cup of tea


Each Hall is well equipped with the necessary fire 而且 smoke detection equipment 而且 alarms, so you can be sure that you are being looked after.

All of the off campus accommodation we advertise has been inspected 而且 licensed by Worcester City Council, who will have ensured that the necessary fire detection 而且 safety equipment is in place.


的 U2电竞体育平台 has provided possessions insurance for the duration of your stay within University accommodation through Endsleigh Insurance. This covers a range of belongings within your room, 包括笔记本电脑, 运动及电器设备, 衣服和冷冻食品. U2电竞体育建议你在 参观Endsleigh to familiarise yourself with what possessions are insured.

You have the option to extend your policy to suit your individual needs 而且 avoid being under-insured. 你可能需要给你的手机投保, 自行车, or laptop outside of your room 而且 other options are also available.

For claims information, your policy details, to extend your policy, or if you have a question visit Endsleigh.

Possessions insurance is only provided for off campus l而且lord houses when you have been allocated into them by the 住宿 team, 否则你的私人物品, 包括食品, 不包括在大学的保险, so you need to ensure you have adequate cover against any loss or theft. It is sometimes possible to extend home contents insurance policies to cover your belongings so check this before you leave home. 的re are a number of companies that can provide this service to you 而且 it is a good idea to shop around to see who can give you the best deal. 


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If you have any questions about accommodation, please call 01905 855300 or email